Daisy will now be known as Banshee…

I was attacked by my Daisy cat Mon, May 23, which sent me to the ER.  She is a bit feral, even after being w/me for eight years.  She chose to come home w/me when she was about six months, just before going totally feral.

She got out of the house Sun/Sat and was out in storms.  By the time David and I could get close enough to grab her under a neighbor’s house at 9:00pm Mon May 23, she was really freakin’ out!  I laid down on the ground and grabbed her tail as it was going to be my only chance, and she attacked me.  My head has some good wounds and a HUGE goose egg from bites/scratches.  My right pinky is one huge wound w/a huge bite from all four teeth.  My elbow has two sets of bites…and numerous scratches on my arms and hands.  The ER gave me antibiotics and pain killers and something to calm my frazzled nerves last night.  Been sleeping a lot….and when I am not, thank goodness for cordless phones, laptops and TV/DVD remotes!!

More Daisy photos…hard to believe this cutie turned into a banshee!!

One Response to “Daisy will now be known as Banshee…”

  1. Kathie L. Says:

    You never do know how a feral cat will behave. My sister’s orange feral cat attacked me and I ended up on anti-biotics via IV plus pills at the ER for 2 days because my left hand turned all kinds of interesting colors where he bit me and swelled up like a balloon. That was about a year ago and now we are the best of friends but I still give him the respect due a feral cat as he still has that wildness in him, especially when the winds are blowing strong and storms are coming in. I call him Mr. Orange Man and he likes to come into the bathroom, climb upon the counter and get drinks of cold water from the faucet, plus pets.

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