Kindermusik Maestro 2013, 7 Years!

What a surprise to find this in my inbox (and my mail) from Kindermusik International:

Congratulations! You have earned the honor of Kindermusik Maestro Producer, Mezzanine Level (top 5% of educators).

The Maestro Program, started in 2000 by Kindermusik International, recognizes licensed Kindermusik educators who master one of three levels in early childhood development: program growth, outstanding community service and teaching excellence.

May 2013
Dear Mezzanine Level Maestro,
Congratulations! You have earned Mezzanine Level Maestro status for the 2013-2014 license year (April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014). Mezzanine Level Maestro recognition is reserved for educators who serve a significant number of children, and Maestro recognition places you in the arena with the best of the best!

This mission, that we collectively call Kindermusik, couldn’t possibly have the breadth of benefit for children without you — your sacrifices, pure determination, elbow grease, and unwavering passion. We truly appreciate you and your efforts. It is our commitment to do everything possible to foster your continued success and growth.

As a recognized leader in the Kindermusik community, we count on you to be in touch with us so we might better assist with any emerging needs. This, in turn, enables you to do what you do so well — making a lasting difference in the lives of children and families through Kindermusik.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of children, families, and Kindermusik.

Needless to say, I was happily surprised!

This means that through the support of all of my families attending Kindermusik with Lori Burkhardt, my Studio is in the top 5% of all Kindermusik programs internationally for 2013-2014.  

Thank you, families, for helping with this honor. It would not be possible without you.


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2 Responses to “Kindermusik Maestro 2013, 7 Years!”

  1. Melissa Mika Says:

    I am a new KM educator, I have applied for and I am waiting for my license. I am so impressed with your website and all the information, pictures, music, and more. WOW!! I have also seen you in the cafe’. I would like to establish a connection with you and discuss/share some ideas regarding building my KM business. Congrats on the Maestro award.
    Sincerely, Melissa Mika

  2. Jaelyn Jamik Says:

    Hi Lori, We have not enrolled in Kindermusik yet, but I’ve always been interested. Saw your announcement here and just wanted to say congratulations. That’s really awesome! Jaelyn:

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